We make it easy for modern thinkers to relate to ancient runic lore, mythological imagery, and skaldic writings by bringing the Elder Northern tradition to modern understanding without sacrifice to the original messages within the tradition. We integrate the latest discoveries in esoteric science, metaphysical wisdom, arcane mystery school traditions, earth mysteries, quantum realities, paranormal psychology, and other venues. More importantly, we make Northern lore understandable to the modern mind since these Cosmic truths have remained in mythical form within ancient skaldic writings.

Our Rune Master course uses an upward-spiraling, lesson-by-lesson curriculum which promotes increased retention and lasting results. We favor distant learning lessons-by-mail because it allows you to study in the privacy of your personal sacred space and at a schedule convenient to you. You then go out and watch your life experiences change in your favor one successful step at a time.

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  • 40+ years of experience engaging metaphysical skills in the workplace, in business enterprise, and in personal life. Personal examples abound in lesson material and practical exercises.

  • Over 20 years of teaching rune mentalist skills and Northern metaphysics to Seekers on the Northern path.

  • Preceded by 15 years of initiatory advancement in a prominent mystery school environment.

  • Situated within the FAR NORTH LANDSCAPE at 61° N - the same circumpolar world that inspired Northern mythology. Students access pristine earth energies 24/7 through linked imagery and invisible rune streams.

  • Enviable record of student successes since its founding in 1993.

  • We are one of the leading educational institutes for teaching ancient runes and Northern traditions to modern thinkers.